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I've been searching around, but I haven't been able to find an implementation of what I'm trying to do for my forum users.

I'm trying to allow different color options to be selected, without having to basically copy the parent theme over and over again to edit stylesheets. That's not good theme management, as if I need to edit a template, I have to go in and edit that template in every color variation theme.

Right now, I have color stylesheets that define a set of variables (primary color, secondary color, background, etc). I'm using the built-in Color Manager to declare a base color, and that work fine. But obviously the Color Manager is back-end only and doesn't provide users color options.

Anybody have a good idea or examples of implementing this? All I'm seeing are jQuery plugins that allow users to pick whatever colors they want. I'm not looking for that. I have defined color variations with different background images that I'd like to offer, using a simple dropdown menu to pick them, without having to create separate themes for each variation.
right now I can't suggest a perfect solution for above requirement.

however, a single set of templates can be used for all the theme variations
[templates set can be changed at the theme properties]
replies here might help => jQuery : switching stylesheet [external link]

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