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Not Solved Theme Emerald - Make Category title (thead) clickable link to subforum overview
Not Solved
Maybe my seach skills suck, but I could not find it.

Ik would love to make the category titles clickable, so they can click is and go to thesubforum overview with threads/forum of that category.

Thanks a lot for your help!

Fixed it myself, in the theme Emerald (also the paid one) there is not link around the Category Title.

My fix:

Go to ACP > Template Sets > Theme (your theme) > Edit Template > forumbit_depth1_cat


<td class="thead" colspan="2"><span><strong>{$forum['name']}</strong></span></td>

Make this into (add the thick parts):

<td class="thead" colspan="2"><span><a href="{$forum_url}"><strong>{$forum['name']}</strong></a></span></td>
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