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[For 1.8] Dark theme forum [Premium] [RWD]
[Image: EXKrZWD.png]


The template was designed for a general theme forum. The template contains several new plugins that add nice features. I tried to encode it in such a way that navigating the forum was quick and pleasant. I can adapt the theme to customer needs and I guarantee constant updates. The template is available in Polish and English. The template is fully adapted for phones. 


This theme costs only $ 10

I have payment options such as paypal, bank transfer and paysafecard

Contact for me
Discord: JKCODE#5234

  • I do not accept returns.
  • I help install the template and adapt it to the client's needs.
  • You can't sell the theme.
  • When making edits, the user is responsible for unintentional errors in the theme itself.
I sent a friend request Big Grin WyvernPegasus#6500
(2020-06-22, 05:25 AM)WyvernPegasus Wrote: I sent a friend request Big Grin WyvernPegasus#6500
The invitation has been accepted. I greeted you at discord: 0
This theme looks decent, good work Wink
Added live demo
Friended. 0x07#2391

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