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Not Solved [Error Message] reputation rating bug ?
Not Solved
After visiting someone's profile and clicking Rate User this below box pops up.

[Image: 5VYsLPs.png]

After a few seconds of not rating the box changes itself and the dropdown doesn't work (Refer to the image below).

[Image: NNtUtnO.png]

This is a serious bug that needs to be taken care of soon.
Not Solved
I think the theme is faulty, not MyBB.
[MyBB 1.8 mods] - Offer me a coffee
Do not ask me help through PM
Not Solved
same happen with original theme bro
Not Solved
Do you see any JavaScript messages in the browser’s console?

Can you reproduce the problem on a fresh install of MyBB?

Please could you include a link to your board URL & a test user account.
Not Solved
i did nothing appear

here :
Not Solved
disable rocket loader (forever) from cloudflare & purge the cache.
then check if reputation works. if it does not then provide a test user account.

can you briefly say what is the actual problem you are facing ..
ALSO please consider responding to helpers queries & suggestions.

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