Not Solved 500 error upon MERGE
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Successful install. 

When I first tried MERGE after successful install, it came up immediately and I was able to begin. However, I ran into a table error (the old aim and yahoo problem), but I fixed that. 

I started over again with "clean" copies, but this time when I tried to run the MERGE, it came up with a 
500 - Internal server error
There is a problem with the resource you are looking for, and it cannot be displayed.

I have tried everything I know. Not doing anything differently than I did the first time when it ran instantly.

I am running all the latest versions from MYBB on a Windows 2012 server. 

Appreciate any help you can give.
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is there any possibility of looking at server error logs ? there should be a clue ..

can you try using this version of Merge System from GitHub => Link
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I can do that. I own my own server. Thanks, I'll take a look this morning.

Nothing shows up on the error logs. I wish something had, because at least we could narrow down the problem. I have scratched everything and am going to start over. Not a big deal. Wish me luck. I will let everyone know if I run into the same problem again.

Started from scratch. Re-downloaded all the pertinent files and even made a new forum folder on the server. Re-uploaded all the installation files and ran it. No problems. Can access the new MyBB forum, etc. Then uploaded all the merge files and tried to run it again. Nothing. Same 500 error code. 

What I don't understand is why it let me do it early yesterday, and then failed the subsequent times afterwards. I haven't changed anything on the server in the interim. This techie is stumped. Usually if I "sleep on it" the answer will come to me about 4 in the morning. Well, this morning? Zip!

I will try the Merge System from GitHub.

Tried running the page on the server so I would get further details.

HTTP Error 500.0 - Internal Server Error

C:\Program Files (x86)\PHP\v5.6\php-cgi.exe - The FastCGI process exceeded configured activity timeout

Most likely causes:
•IIS received the request; however, an internal error occurred during the processing of the request. The root cause of this error depends on which module handles the request and what was happening in the worker process when this error occurred.
•IIS was not able to access the web.config file for the Web site or application. This can occur if the NTFS permissions are set incorrectly.
•IIS was not able to process configuration for the Web site or application.
•The authenticated user does not have permission to use this DLL.
•The request is mapped to a managed handler but the .NET Extensibility Feature is not installed.

Things you can try:
•Ensure that the NTFS permissions for the web.config file are correct and allow access to the Web server's machine account.
•Check the event logs to see if any additional information was logged.
•Verify the permissions for the DLL.
•Install the .NET Extensibility feature if the request is mapped to a managed handler.
•Create a tracing rule to track failed requests for this HTTP status code. For more information about creating a tracing rule for failed requests, click here.

Detailed Error Information:




Error Code

Requested URL

Physical Path

Logon Method

Logon User
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Merging deals with database operations extensively and is quite resource consuming. It might be that when you ran a module and PHP took a longer time to finish some merging task than IIS could get any output/response from PHP via the fastcgi handler.

I wish either of the following methods would help:
  • Tune IIS so that it'll . The answers under may help, though I can't be sure if it'll help or safe to implement. Please alert, doing so may involve edits to system files, please make relevant backups.
  • or lower the value of Please select how many XXXXs to import at a time: XXXXs to import at a time: (default is 1000) for the module you're having issues with.

By the way, what's the board you're trying to convert? (The old forum.)
And what's the module you're having issues? (Like database configuration / usergroups/ users / forums / etc...)
Could be wrong but worth a try.
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Thank you. The problem is, MERGE wouldn't even begin the merge process. I typed in, then it would idle for about twenty seconds, then give me the 500 error code.

As an FYI, I was trying to convert from IPBoard 4.X

Smiles, M

Yesterday I gave up and went to cms2cms' website and am using them to merge my db, so all should be well.
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Sounds like the merge system was recovered from previous executions where it was suspended due to the activityTimeout setting of IIS and it failed again eventually.

Glad to here that you could manage to convert the database using a 3rd party service. And Thanks for the info.
Could be wrong but worth a try.

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