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Not Solved Disable Timezone Register
Not Solved
Can i disable the Timezone QUestions when Users register? It takes too long and i just want it Fast and Tiny
Not Solved
I think you can remove some of the inputs from the member_register template without issues as the user will just get the default, but if not you can set display:none css on the html you want to hide from the user.

Admin CP -> Templates & Style -> Templates -> (select your template set) -> Member Templates -> member_register

You can remove/hide the inputs on the right hand side but will need to leave username, password, email & confirmations etc
Not Solved
Yes, you can simply drop the "timezoneoffset" selection from the template.
If there is no value given on registration, the default value is taken from MyBB settings.

You should keep the DST correction input, but may convert it into a hidden field like this (2 = auto DST):
<input type="hidden" name="dstcorrection" value="2">

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