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Not Solved Creating new threads through a separate form
Not Solved
On my site I have a form a user will fill in. This info then gets put into a DB for displaying around the site. Is it possible to use this info to create a new thread within the forum when it's submitted in the original form? 

The thread then would be a place other people comment on the info.

So basically a back door way to post a new thread without using the newthread page?

The only option which would be needed would be the Signature but nothing else. So no polls etc.

Not Solved
You can create a new thread if you can access the DB.
You'll have to fill 2 tables: threads and posts.
Be aware that you must put in threads.firstpost the value, and in posts.tid the threads.tid value, so you'll have 3 queries to do (insert thread, insert post, update thread)
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