[Services Offer] MyBB 1.8 Themes
My name is Filip 'SimLay' Cichorek and I have been creating mybb templates for several years.

I assure
- responsive web design - guarantees adaptation to every device.
- guarantee - If I leave a mistake in the template, I will fix it even if the template was bought 2 years ago.
- customizing several plugins - customizes the plugins you choose for the template.
- a special plugin - the one I created once while in Templateet - It will allow you to customize the forum to your preferences.

It offers:
- fixing template errors.
- Encoding from Photoshop, Adobe XD and figma files.
- Template encoding from other engines (if you have a license for it).
- Adaptation of the Forum to an existing website.
- Customizing the plugin for your options.

Website - the site is in an early stage of development. Sorry for the temporary lack of English - I will add it in days.
Seen you project around before, all you're themes are nice keep up the good work. Smile
Do NOT PM me for support unless I ask you on your support thread.

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