Captcha (Login- Registration) Help * Plugin 1.6.* To OLD .. Any can Update?
Hello,  i am new here I would like to know if Someone Can help me

Anyone can Update the plugin for the 1.8.* Version

Because i have try to change in the plugin Ultimate captcha for the 1.8* Manualy and after When is i go  in the admin panel the plugin
Is apear but Is Ask for install

the  developer plugin 1.6* and is Not working Because in the registration page i dont see the gif or picture i see The box Ultimate captcha in the registration page
but I dont see the Gif I see  a picture blank like.. like Not loaded...

but I have Acess to the admin panel (ultimate captcha with option) nothing work..

Any can Just create A new version ? Thanks you

That Option Ultimate Captcha for create random Gif on registration page and If possible on Login page .. With The speed we can choose and other option like in Ultimate Captcha... Is I think The Best Plugin Ever for Spam Bot registration ...

If Anyone Can Re Updated or re created and Test and After is working for 1.8.21 Is Be Cool

I use mysql

I just Want To precise I have change because is not working the Developer plugin Version to 1.8* ... but Is Not working too..
I use ubuntu the file mybb are installed in /var/www/mybb

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