[Rejected] Some input checkbox and radio in edit profile don't have any labels
In: usercp.php?action=profile and modcp.php?action=editprofile&uid=X

In Away Status: I'm Away, I'm Here
In Custom User Title: Revert to group default
inputs don't have any labels https://www.w3.org/WAI/tutorials/forms/labels/

In: /search.php

search entire post
search titles only
match exact username
and newer 
and older
descending order

also don't have any labels
Thank you for the report! In most of those cases the fields describe themselves or have other surrounding text to describe their purpose. Since MyBB 1.8 is close to the end of its general maintenance life and template changes are very disruptive, I don't think this will be fixed in the 1.8 theme. However, administrators can modify their own themes to use label elements for inputs, perhaps some themes already do.

This problem is not present in MyBB 1.9 as it does use labels for the User CP options and on the search page. I'm going to mark this as rejected but your feedback is valuable. Smile

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