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Chillerr | General Discussion Forum
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What is Chillerr?

Chillerr is a general discussion community where you can discuss a variety of topics, whether it be about sports, gaming, or general life, with people from all over the world.

Our History

Chillerr was originally founded in 2015. We accumulated over 10,000 posts before being sold and eventually closed. Chillerr was recreated in 2016 but sadly met the same fate as our first forum. Now in June 2020, we mean to create a community that will not be broken.

Features at Chillerr
  • Premium Theme
  • Dark and Light Theme Option
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Regular Updates
  • Excellent Support
  • Last but not least, an excellent community
Like what you hear? Come check us out at!
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Where is the site?
Hey man, what's up?
Site appears to be down. Domain doesn't exist anymore.
It's not working unfortunately
Can I just add onto this thread. I bought the site (database and domain) from the owner and merged the database on my site. That's just to update those who may not be aware of it.
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