Hide content until reply (for 1.8)
Looking for  a working  [b][b]Hide content until reply plugin for 1.8 mybb[/b][/b]
that is ofc free. i had a working one but lost the files

Bump still needed
Hi Missingfn

We have this plugin on ModMyBB - see details here: Advanced Hide Mod 2.0. It has more features than only hide on reply, it can also hide depending on amount of referrals, posts and registration date. 

It's included in our plugins package for a small fee. In case you only want this plugin PM me and I can make a special price Wink. Also if you'd like to hide contents based on another criteria, contact me I can probably add it into the existing plugin!
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If you think I've helped you; a + rep would be appreciated.

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