[Duplicate] Search user in member list
There is a problem when searching a user in the member list.

Currently, if I try to search "manga", for example, I get 4 suggestions in select2-search, which is great. But if I pick "manga" and click on search, I'm told that no members with that search criteria were found. This appears to be a bug, since there are at least 4 users here whose username contains "manga".
The description says Contains: but it will be fixed in the upcoming versions. It should be Exactly Match: or something like this. I'm too lazy to search for the issue link.
This seems like downgrading the use of this feature...
I agree with you in that the feature should work with not exact matches, However, the feature was never like that in the first place, as it was always a language bug.

You can open a suggestion but we can't guarantee it will be changed.
It is this issue: https://github.com/mybb/mybb/issues/3884 which is resolved in MyBB 1.8.23 Smile

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