Request A plugin Limit User All user To upload picture profils 1 time every X month
Any can help to Allow User To Upload A profils picture only 1 Time every month or Years to they dont upload delete upload delete and continue To make her Spam ...

and the Same for Edit Signature to Allow To made only 1 time Every X time choose by admin like every 1 month..
I can make this for you with money, and any ideas you have.
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(2020-07-15, 10:34 AM)Mostafa.Shiraali Wrote: I can make this for you with money, and any ideas you have.

hi, i Will recontact you for the moment i put money a side but yess I am Ready to pay for a plugin Working with the last version of mybb Without bug and secure..


Limit Normal member (registered) to limit 1 time To Edit Signature, Upload picture of profiles , 1 Time Every X Month like Explained..

I Find too a plugin for Add A Random Captcha Gif To Counter Bot Spam Registration

like This one With That option

Is allow To control the speed of the Gif showed At registration is be A good idea to allow to put it in login and registration..

and If possible A plugins or Other Way To Block Back button on Firefox or To Block The refresh Button ... is be A good Idea To Block Bad user To Refresh the page when they have a redirect Page .. ..

with Java-script is possible But Is possible to block Javas in the option Of browser ..this is why Without javas for the Security Plugin Because They can Counter the Script.

A plugin Anti Ddos is Be Appreciated like To Allow To Put The Login page and registration to Another place like /loginNEwpage.php when user connect to That Link we can maybe add rate speed limit and After when they connect is redirect to the board .. Because for the moment If we limit The speed Rate On The index.php is limit the board because is the same php file.. is need to Be Separated ..

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