Not Solved Need help to made Backups and Export 2rd Thread!
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Hi , is my second Thread in the good place and Better Explained Because is important For me to Completed the Backups and Export If anyone Can help me ..

I use ubuntu 18.04
mysql (mariadb)

I have in my First Computer The Project Fully Fonctional in


is possible for me to have a Backups from the admin menu.

After i Want to move in another computer With the same Operating System.

but Is same To Not Working when i try to connect to the url after is write
sql error upgrade your board or i have a white page is refresh and refresh .. I have fallow the Guide i think correctly to Change in the config file the Correct prefix ,database, username etc ..

i have try in the second computer with the backups file to made an Upgrade but is ask for me to login and is Write invalid (login information) i am Sure to 999 % i dont made error ..

and certain time is just refresh the page without error and nothing is arrived is dont lets me made a new install and replace the file too Is bug at 50 % of the install With nothing loading to the next step.. i have just try to see what is the problem .. but i have the backups of my first computer and i Want to know how to export and import..


Any one Can made A tutorial For install and Use phpmyadmin ?

I am wrong or not is the better way ? if in my first computer i made backups from the admin menu of my sql database and from /var/www/forum the folder ... in my first computer i dont have phpmyadmin.

i have transfer all in my second computer After I can use phpmyadmin

with Nginx + php+mysql like in the first computer .. ?

I find A fully tutorial to understand How to export / Import ..

? if i import in my second computer i click on

From here, select “Import” from the top menu. You will be presented with a page like this:

Select “Choose File”, browse to your backup, and click “Open” on the Windows Prompt.

Generally, the settings on this page can be left as is, but you may alter where appropriate.

Click “Go”. If successful, a message saying so will be presented as well as your tables in the side-menu on the left.

I dont know how to Setup phpmyadmin / install and

if i made this After i made What ? i just put the folder of my Forum in /var/www and I go in the forum config file Change the hostname / password/ prefix etc ? for the second Computer ?

does i need to use the information of phpmyadmin

or Mysql Does i need to Create a Database of mysql ?

How i do this

all help will Be appreciated I have Work a Lot On personalized the forum and I dont wanna loose all..

do you think the problem is because in my first computer the Project i have already a link url and is not the same when i want to connect
because is already enter in site details

? but is not explained Why i cannot connect to the admin panel login ..
i have a mysql error .. or is refresh to infinite..

and in the forum config file

i need to enter what like i ask because

is write for the moment





etc does i need to change

mysql for another ?

password and username and prefix ?

i have think to an idea .. i am wrong or not but ? in my first computer is possible to copy the mysql folder / nginx / forum folder with file inside and go in the second computer after a fresh install of nginx /mariadb mysql / etc ..
and replace the folder ? does is working ?

if you understand my idea Is not a problems for me to copy and past the Complete Folder...

if anyone have a Better solution Without phpmyadmin and only With What i use / nginx / mysql mariadb /php etc .. if any know how to Export and import proprely if you can made a full tutorial

and for information I made A backups for the moment and export to a usb drive to my second computer during my test

the copy i made like that

sudo cp -r /var/www/forum /the_patch_to-the-USB

cp -r = Copy the folder maybe i dont copy correctly with the permisions i dont think is that ..

because i have try with cp without the r ..

hi all about what i ask if is possible in ubuntu /etc/mysql , /etc/nginx / etc if is possible to copy the folder complete and to transfert to another ubuntu i have find where is the database is in /var/lib/mysql and inside i have a folder named Forum1 example and inside the folder i see all table of mybb How i can transfert to another ubuntu and made its working is probably possible ?

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