Not Solved Ultimate Captcha Gif What is the problem ( with picture of the error)
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hi Is my Last Post About that problems Is my 3rd IS not the end of the world, I Am sorry for That but Who here Does not Want to have a Better security System For Counter Bot spam registration ? .. IS the case for me i want That .. But I Try to Understand What is the problems with the plugins..

First picture Is show The option of plugins

do you see the path Of file is by Default with the plugins is maybe this the problems ? I dont have Gif I think is Created Automatically and Not need gif ? ... I have change for a Path /var/www/mybb/images/
i have too try only /images/

not working !


to put where my image are if is need a folder for Put the gif if i understand ...
[Image: 1.jpg]

and When i go in the registration page I see that problems
No Gif is show Like A bug Like if like If i dont have Gif .. ?

[Image: 3.jpg]

Any Can Help to Resolve the problems Because i find A plugins like that With Random gif and With option to choose speed of show of the gif etc etc .. is a good idea to Add into the mybb..

for information i have in the plugin section Not installed
PluginLibrary (13)

i speak about pluginlibrary because in the page of the plugin is write that


MyBB 1.6.*

link:[>= PluginLibrary 11]

i have change the version manualy to 16 to 18* ..

this is the plugins i speak about !

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