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Not Solved [General] Template diff report interpretation.
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In Template diff report, there is red color code and green color code.

I am interpretating as Green color code is new in my updated mybb version but it is not added in updated mybb templates and i have to update manully.
and Red color code suggestive of present code in my template so i can change that red color code with green color code.
Am I right? As i try to see same template in new window but it does not showing green color codes which i show in diff report. It show red colored code.
see below image

src="{$mybb->asset_url}/jscripts/usercp.js?ver=1804"></script> is in red color means it is present in my template at present.
src="{$mybb->asset_url}/jscripts/usercp.js?ver=1821"></script> in green color means it is updated in my new mybb update version So I HAVE TO replace above red color code with this green color code.

href="#" is in red color.
so I have to replace that with href="javascript:void(0)"

Am I right or wrong?
Thank you.
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yes, as you said :
Quote:Green color code is expected to exist in the template.
it is not added in updated MyBB template.
needs to be updated manually.
Quote:Red color code suggestive of present code in the template.
it can be changed with green color code
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Thanks .m. and Ben for guidance.
Thanks you.
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