Not Solved [How To?] How to Password protect Private message of User and Administrator
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Hi , A cool Feature To have if Anyone Know how to ..

how to allow User to Put A password in her private message and for Admin Every admin to Have her proper Password To See the private message or Send private message..

About the User Every user need to have her proper password too..
and if that Feature can Be Control by admin To Allow only X time per Month or Years To change the password .. For Prevent Abuse of Change password Every 20 Second .. !

My board are Orientated Security for Member here Want to explained Again to me Is not necessary or whatever .. I Ask for that feacture if you can help me Fine .. Other Commentary Are Not Necessary ..

Thanks you

and I know already all is possible to Have because is need to be Build is just that Example With the Plugin Change user (allow admin to take an account of an user without password ) Is Block Private message to Be See .. is perfect but How we can use that feature with a password ...

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