moderateing replys
is there anyway for an admin to set a specific thread so that all the replys have to be approved, instead of having to moderate the entire forum.

if this is possable could someone creat the mod for me?

Bump. how come nobodys answering me?
Because it's absolutely dead in here. :neautral: - Parent-to-Parent discussion forums
nobodys responds in my other post in the mybb community ether
I'm alreay making a mod for the time being. And I've got several lined up after that. I won't be able to do it Sad.
I too have got quite a lot going on "behind the scenes" at the moment. However, when all of that is out of the way I may be able to work on this mod if nobody else has managed to create it yet.
still nothing on this yet. any body going to work on it?

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