Limit number of replies/pages of replies
Hello. First time caller. Loving myBB upto now Smile

I'm after a plugin/edit that will allow me to limit the number of replies to a topic.  Either in number of replies or a max number of pages for that topic.
Ideally... adjustable by forum.

The scenario.

My board has a picture posting forum.
People post pictures and users can comment on them in reply.

We request that if the original poster has new pictures, they start a new thread with them. But many don't. They add them to the same thread.. causing massively long sprawling topics usually ending up nothing to do with the original topic.

So ideally I'm after a plugin that say, limits the number of replies to a topic to 50 or 100..  After which, the thread is closed.

And ideally.. that you can activate only on specific forums.  So it can only be switched on for this picture forum.

Apologies if this already exists.. but I've had a search and a google and couldn't find anything
Thanks  Smile
I don't think it exists actually.
But short question: can't you, on specific forums, just forbid the "reply to own thread" ? It might be simple and only let other users to comment the initial post.
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MyBot plugin might work for the requirement.
I'll have a look at myBot


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