Alphabetical mod for 1.0
like the one in PR2.. or it's the same thing?

By the way, the alphabetical mod right now, it makes the forum stay in alphabetical order no matter what user clicks. Is it possible to adjust it in the way so they see it in alphabetical order but they can change it to other browsing order if they want?

Alphabetical mod for Members or Forums?

Alphabetical mod for Members, made By k776 for PR2, still works fine for 1.0.
sorry didnt state it clear

alphabetical mod for forum display. I want to know if it's possible to make it not static so that user can adjust how they want to browse the forum while they see the forum in alphabetical order first.
I need this.. any help?
(ill try the old PR2 mod for now, which it works.. but I need to know how to change it to the way I want which the user can change the way the forum is sorted)

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