Plugin request About When user reply to your thread started Notification...
Hi , does exist a plugins When an user reply to any Thread you Created You Received a Yellow Bar message (private message like) the same of Prive message with the last mybb version ..

Does exist a plugins or a way to Do that and When an user like your Thread Created is show you a private message

Because i have Test with My Alerts and when i click on install Is Show me A White page On index.php not the Admin page..

i have installed all Correctly i think is because i have + 25 other plugins maybe is because i have Thanks system Free Version 2.6.4
No, all extensions works with or without myalerts and have some configuration options at least thanks system have it to enable or disable and the plugin itself say wat you have to do to make it works or improve.

The problem is that the Myalerts plugin need the core plugin library and even so plugin library, both inside the right folders.

You need to download those libraries and the system will work fine. (Myalerts works pretty good due is the most used into our boards).

See yah Smile
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Plugins 1.6.x

Plugins 1.8.x

hi thanks for reply but i have installed All in the Correct Folder and Verified not working , Classloader or plugin li.. 13 ..

btw i have find a way , Thanks you

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