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A bizarre thing occurred when the migration completed. For some reason, one of the forum members, now appears as the author for approximately 2000 of my posts (I'm the admin of the site). Is there an easy fix for this? If so, please share your suggestions.

The author's name should read Walt's Daughter (that's me), but instead I see sparkette7. BTW, she only posted for a month back in 2004, so not sure how this happened!  Huh

Running version 1.8.22
Windows Server 2012r2

I went to the server and looked through the old database from IBF. This is what I discovered:

The original row IBF_Core_Members - starts at #2, in which Walt's Daughter (me) is #2. Sparkette is member# 19. The table end at #1,426 with user ggent001.

In the new MYBB row MYBB_Users - starts at #19 and shows me as #19 and Sparkette is now #34. The table ends at #1,1017 with user Bob Pagini.

As you can see, nothing is synched.

Can I simply export the old table to the new one?

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hi wish is can help you is Can be Painful one by one To change the post authors Maybe the plugins now not working i dont have test

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