[For 1.8] How to Solve Plugin Not working For you but someone say is working for them Actualy..
Hi , all i have found a way and is logical i know.. When you have + 30 plugin example and you try to install 1 plugins and you have error you cannot know what is the problem you have check already in the error.log and have create thread in mybb community but no one can help you .. they Say That plugin working for me ... You can made a Backup of your Boards install in another computer... and uninstall 1 by 1 all plugins Every time you uninstall 1 plugin like Disabled / uninstall .. Try if your plugins working to be installed .. if not continue to uninstall 1 plugins and 1 and 1 .. made test and you will see what plugins is the problems and After report in Your thread of request help ..

that as Solved my problem with My Alert plugin i have try to install and finnaly i have found ougc Award with my alerts for me is made bug .. Maybe with Mybot too is made bug ...

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