[Services Request] Revamp User Profile Page
This is the first time I'm using this thread, so I want to start something small before requesting bigger things  Smile

In short, I want the User Profile Page to be revamped since the default feels a bit outdated! I laid down the basic foundations, but want something more "modern" looking, if you catch my drift. 

  1. Usage of Font Awesome Icons (it supports v5)
  2. Modern look for User Profile, along with more easily stats placed on the profile header
I'll discuss more details as we established contact!

Must have Discord. I'm looking to get this done soon!
Hope you are well,

I can help.
Please reach me over Email: [email protected] to discuss further.

Maria J
Hi, sent you an email.
This thread can be closed now! Johnny S had taken the call of my request and he did an amazing job! Big Grin

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