Not Solved Problem with installing a theme
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I know that is seemingly easy, but I managed to break my forum and am now waiting for the hosting site to bring it back for me... so I can't have any more missteps Sad And I really want this specific theme

I understand that the .xml theme needs to be imported via the CP while everything else needs to be moved to the myBB folders.

Well, here's what I did:

1. I got theme called AlphaGaming v1.8

2. Here is what I got when I unzipped it:
[Folder named "AlphaGaming1.8 + title_logo.psd + title_logo_blank.png]
[Folder named "Images" + AlphaGaming 1.8 Theme.xml]
another [Folder named "alphagamin1.8"]
[Folders named "colors", "groupimages", "icons" etc and some image files]

I moved the second folder named "alphagamin1.8" into my Styles folder, going by how the default one was installed...

And it broke the site. It failed to transfer a number of the Theme files due to Error: Failed to retrieve directory listing.

Could someone please offer an advice on how to do it correctly? I've installed a few other themes without problem and I thought I was installing this one correctly. I already wrote to my hosting site support and I don't want to have to do that the second time Sad unfortunately after this error, there is nothing I can do, I cannot remove this theme and the site just isn't working...
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Welcome to MyBB Community.

above referred AlphaGaming v1.8 theme is outdated and it
needs many changes to update it for recent versions of MyBB .

anyway, if you still want to use it then
look at its properties at Themes section of forum admin panel.
there you have to find the images folder field content
if it is like images/AlphaGaming then your theme related files
should be in that AlphaGaming named subfolder of images folder
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Thank you for your response!

I haven't realised that it's outdated because it says that it's for MyBB 1.8x

I checked the most recent themes on the website and it says the same thing, for MyBB 1.8x

Was it mislabelled? Or should I really go by the release date of the theme?

In that case I will stick to more recent themes.

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