[For 1.8] DVZ Shoutbox Timeformat Change
Hello everyone!

If you guys are interested to change the standard time date format on your shoutbox to the modern "minutes ago" format, then please check the following steps.

Step1: Go to your Acp- settings- Dvz Shoutbox- Date format.

Change the
M-d, h:i



Save the settings.

Then go to the plugin file, search for


The complete line will be :

$date     = htmlspecialchars_uni(my_date($mybb->settings['dvz_sb_dateformat'], $data['date']));

Replace the above line with:

$date     = my_date($mybb->settings['dvz_sb_dateformat'], $data['date']);

Save the plugin file.

Hard refresh your browser and your time format will be changed to "minutes ago" format.


Thanks to my friend @noyle for helping me out.

Enjoy guys.

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