Main Page search doesn't work in China because...
Google is blocked in China. Therefore using G's search engine is useless for searching your site.
Doesn't sounds like something easy to "fix" from our side. Basically, we would need to change our chosen search engine for one that could potentially output less results for the majority instead of just no results for one country.

That would be the easier attempt to solve the issue that I can think of; there might be more complex attempts.
In other words, it's not happening--to support 1/5 of the world's population (though I don't know how many actual installations are here). You might check to see how many localizations have been downloaded--that might give you a clearer idea of whether it's worth it. It just seems like the support page should be the most universal, since we all need help sometimes...

Anyway, thanks for your efforts, keep up the good work! I especially appreciate your candor!
Instead of it not happening I'm saying it will require some effort to implement a workaround, which I agree should be placed if it doesn't affect the server in a way that it ends up affecting no Chinese users.

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