Setup developer site?
I was wondering if people would be interested in a sandbox for developers. People have their own test forums (usually localhost) but they might not be able to play around with permissions or settings etc.
I was thinking about setting up a subdomain on my site for developers to access, FTP, MySQL etc. Here they could try out various things and see what other people are doing at the same time. Comment on how to make plugins/code help. I don't want to distract from mybb mods discussion, this would be a pure "I have a problem, need it solving now" if you see someone on.
It would have to be limited to certain people, probably ones who have already made a few mods.
Just throwing an idea into the world Smile
I try to test as much as possible on an on-line board too. I have set up 2 boards on my host, one to test if everything is ok and another one to test with active members.

It's a good idea, though
good idea, but wouldn't it be hard to know if its your mod thats being buggy or somebody elses mod making yours buggy?
Good point, never thought of it like that..... hehehe Well I could have a reset sort of thing that would reset the forums to their original setup. Allow only one developer to make changes at once. Or provide each modder who wants one with their own copy of mybb. *shrug* never thought too much into it in case people decided their own test server was enough.

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