Solved: 8 Months ago Add a " Mark all forums read " to header
Solved: 8 Months ago
So I'd like to add a Mark all forums read link to the header as well as the default footer one.

I tried what I thought would work... and what I've seen in a few older postings on here.

in header_welcomeblock_member I added the following line where I want the link..

<a href="{$mybb->settings['bburl']}/misc.php?action=markread{$post_code_string}">{$lang->bottomlinks_markread}</a>

but when clicking the link, you just get..

Authorization code mismatch. Are you accessing this function correctly? Please go back and try again.

I notice when you hover over the link in the header, all the &my_post_key=....  bit is missing

Any ideas ?

Solved: 8 Months ago
Solved: 8 Months ago
Not sure that helps me.

Mines a brand new board so those fixes are already in place. Plus this isn't one of the 4 templates mentioned there and doesn't have any
<form> tag at all
Solved: 8 Months ago
It's because $post_code_string hasn't been defined at the time it renders the header. Change:



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Solved: 8 Months ago
Thats done it.
Nice one Smile Thanks

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