Cash/Shop Mod
I need a points or cash system that gives people points for posting, and admins the power to modify the points of a member.

THen I need a shop where people can purchase things with points that they have earned.

An optional incentive if you want it I'll give you a free domain of your choice (.com/net/org/info/biz/us) for one year, and hosting to go along with it.
I'm working on it. Just got the donation system up. It currently calculates the money, changes when mods move topics/edits.
Things to go include statements (doing that now), and usergroup money, change money via CP, recount money etc.

You are welcome to have a look at it but it's wouldn't even be classed as alpha since I'm still adding stuff. If you want to look at it and try it, you should _not_ put it on a live server, only development.

Shop is going to be quite a while down the line (if I make it after cash mod)
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If the shop mod is made, can you add a feature for people to buy forum cash with really US Dollars (and let the admin set the "x" in "x points for every 1 US dollar recieved") Because my forum is for a hosting company that provides everything FREE (image hosting, free resellers, free hosting), and we own a VPS. The only way to fund it is with donations and ad clicks. So that would be a very nice feature for the shop mod to go with the Cash mod! Smile
I'm just wondering, but will this shop work with the current Cash mod or will I need to install the new one?

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