Not Solved [How To?] Move alot of users from "awaiting activation" to regular member
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I have alot of users stuck in "awaiting activation". But I changed settings upon registering to automated activation. I have alot of users in the "awaiting activation" group. I do I move all of them at once to the regular member group?
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Get the gid for groups "awaiting activation" and whatever your target group.

Assuming your database is not somehow changed - with mysql or phpmyadmin - use your mybb database.  Then run:

UPDATE mybb_users
SET usergroup = target-group-gid
WHERE usergroupawaiting-activation-gid ;

I highly recommend a straight select query first, as a sanity check:

SELECT * FROM mybb_users WHERE usergroup = gid-awaiting-activation;

Also highly recommend you backup your database before running any update queries.


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