Shop plugin with upgrade page plus users can sell items
Hi plugin creators,

I've got a serious request that any MyBB user is still searching for and I know the fact that people left MyBB only for this.

Can someone create a plugin that gives a big shop in MyBB as we had in 1.4?

The features for this plugin?

- Upgrade page for your account, see below for an example:
[Image: Y1T2ruC.png]

- The shop, for example having a shop where you can sell items as the owner of a forum, but also where a user can sell their items on your site, you as the owner will not earn from the users who sell their items, cause they can link it with their PayPal or what bank system they use and they can set a price/currency they have in their country. I think if you make a plugin like this that works with other plugins, users will return to MyBB for sure.
example from the shop see below:
[Image: Front1.png.8547e0a2fe86618b1fd86a3f170fe1dd.png]

- Achievements, I think it would be fantastic if your users can earn achievements when they buy an item from the shop.

I hope one of you can make this plugin and bring old users back, cause most of them are using other free or paid forums that have a plugin like that.
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you can do that with newpoints plugin and html knowledge you just create a html page and add the functions of the the new points to get it with points or you can just add a plugin i dont remember the name i guess its upgrade user or smthing and just edit your html page to whatever u want just like the 1 you posted Big Grin pirata nervo have everything u need to archive that goal

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