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[Enhancement] Portal posting - user selection, not forum
Hope everyone is staying safe during 2020, it's been crazy so far!

- When in Portal settings, we have an option to "Forums to pull announcements from", so we select which forums we want to pull and show in our Portal page. However, it would be a great option (IMO) to have a 2nd option to pull announcements from a "user".
*Example: As an admin, we can create a special user which can post news/media which is derived to the portal, therefore making only those posts go to the portal page. 

I mean it's an idea, as i think the Forums is limited to bringing all topics posted by everyone.

Let me know if it makes sense, and what you think...
Hi, my plugin OUGC Show in Portal makes it so that only marked threads are displayed in portal.

I suppose it would be a simple edit or plugin to make all threads by specific users to be marked by default if not manually.
Personally, don't like drilling such things down to the user level.  Which may work fine on a small board, but can image things getting a little out of hand as a board grows - and over time.

On our board, we pull from the "Announcements" forum.  Then set the forum permissions so only select groups can post threads.  Most groups can reply to a thread, but only certain groups can create threads in this area.

If you needed more granular control, a custom group might be the best way.

Just my 2 cents. Smile

Edit:  Or use Omar's plugin. Big Grin
Omar, the plugin is actually even better! Your idea should definitely be on the next version, let the admin/mods mark threads which need to be shown on the portal! Awesome! Thank you!!!!

@nixer55 Thanks! Appreciated your feedback. I will def try Omar's plugin, i think on my board i need a bit more control as to what shows on the front page. Big Grin

Cheers all!

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