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Solved: 2 Years ago
Hello community,
At the request of some users who log into our forum with their tablet and have to scroll endlessly because the images posted in the threads are too big, I activated the "Mybb Ncode Image Resizer (1.2)" plug-in.

That works as it should. But I've found that this also affects the images posted in signatures, which I personally don't find nice.
[Image: PZgp4.png]

Can I create an exception for the signature? If yes how?

THX in advance for your help!
Solved: 2 Years ago
The trouble is that the plugin changes globally all images tags to add the javascript.
The better way to correct that might be to hook on postbit and change only the content of the post, rather than hook the parse_message_end which has the signature as a part of the message.

I'll do some tests soon

EDIT can you try using the attached file ? It works on my test server

.php   resim.php (Size: 5.67 KB / Downloads: 20)
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Solved: 2 Years ago
re Crazycat!

Big Grin YES! Works perfect! Thank you!!!! Big Grin

Problem solved.

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