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I feel I am finally making some progress, but still unable to send mail from my server. I have tried several tests, and they have all failed. I started going with PHP, but finally gave up and instead, installed an SMTP virtual server on my own Windows 2012r2 machine. 

Everything went well, but now when testing I receive this error message:

"The mail server is not ready, it did not respond with a 220 status message."

See attachment - this is how I have it setup in MYBB. Not sure if this is right. What should the SMTP hostname be?

I have MYBB installed here:\forumnew
IP address:

Now onto the server. I run about a dozen sites from it, including 6th Corps.

IIS (6.0) Manager
MARIONSSERVER (local computer)
[SMTP virtual Server #1]
Domains: MarionsServer - local default

General: IP address - All unassigned  - Enable Logging is checked - W3C selected
Access: Authentication is anonymous  - Connection control - All except listed below (nothing listed below)
Messages:  everything set to default -  Send copy is my email address at gmail - Badmail directory is "C:\inetpub\mailroot\Badmail"
Delivery: all set to default - Outbound security is anonymous - Outbound connections are default with port set to 25 - advanced delivery default - fully qualified domain name - (is this right???)
Security: left the defaults

And yes, SMTP is running on automatic in the services.

While I've been running my own server for at least a dozen years, I have never set up an SMTP server before. Before I switched/migrated to MYBB, I was running an IPBOARD and never had to setup anything to send mail. It simply worked (using PHP) immediately upon installation. I don't understand why this is such a pain. Guess I was spoiled. 

Any help is appreciated. I can't send mail to myself nor send Mass Mailings to my registrants, and anyone trying to register, never gets their email notifications. 

Thank you kindly,

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This answer is probably not going to be of use to you but is on topic.

I personally use Gmail as my free SMTP provider (despite reasoning to possible avoid Google altogether), and some people from the team decided to go with third party providers instead of meddling into managing a mail server.

I'd advice you or anyone to focus your resources on your site and the services it offers instead of wasting resources where it is simply not worth it.
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I'll give it a shot. Thanks. That would truly simplify my life. I'll let you know how it goes.

I decided to set up a G Suite account. Much easier.

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