Solved: 2 Years, 4 Months ago DVZ Shoutbox error
Solved: 2 Years, 4 Months ago
Hi All , wondered if anyone can help , i've downloaded latest version of DVZ Shoutbox_14 stable , uploaded the files across but it breaks the plugin section of mybb leaving me unable to install the plugin and i have to manually remove the files for the plugin section to return , ive had a look over at line 5 in the dvz_shoutbox.php as shown in the parse error message below but it's all beyond my understanding Sad , does the creator need to update the plugin to work with mybb 1.8.24 ? or is there something else wrong ? 

[Image: Screenshot-11.png]

*EDIT - Turns out it was where i was using a old version of PHP to do a merge from IPB 3.4.7 and never changed it to the latest PHP version once i was done , once i switched to PHP 7.4.10 the issue went away

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