Not Solved Problem with plugin Multiple Usergroup
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Hello, plugin does not display additional ranks on the profile member_profile

In postbit_classic all is OK!

I have {$memprofile['additional_groups']} in postbit_classic and in member_profile

2nd problem ->

My main rank is "User"
If i set my 2nd rank to display (Set as Display Group) in usercp.php?action=usergroups
then my main rank change in my 2nd rank

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Hello, glad to see you're using this plugin. Smile

For your first question, the postbit and postbit_classic templates use a different variable. Does it have {$post['additional_groups']} in both templates? The installer itself should take care of this automatically, but if they've been modified, it might need to be adjusted accordingly to the original variable.

Also, there is a known issue with the older builds that cause the profile images not to show up on member profiles (it was an early bug). If you're using builds 1-3, there may be issues as a result. Try build 4 and see if that resolves the issue. If not, it might be a template issue with the variable, and we can look at it and get it fixed if so. Smile

For your second question, how are your groups currently set up? It should have the primary usergroup matching the display usergroup, and "2nd rank" should show up under additional groups in the ACP configuration. Similar to this:

[Image: qnpTs.png]
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	<div class="author_information">
		<h1 class="thread_author">{$post['profilelink']}</h1>

					<div class="profile-rank">

If you're using builds 1-3, there may be issues as a result. Try build 4 
I dont understand :x
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