Extend Mod?
I am looking for a forum that has what is on https://community.mybb.com/mods.php , does MyBB come with this already or is there a mod that does this and looks like that?
Are you referring to a mod database? If so, there are plugins to have download databases, but they are paid plugins from external sources and aren't exactly the same as what you see on there.

This is the most popular plugin for downloads databases: https://forums.mybb-plugins.com/Thread-M...oads-3-0-2
Thanks , so there is none that looks like the one on here that mybb uses?

The mod you showed by the images looks kinda old style download that mybb use to have years ago.
Unfortunately, that one is not public. MyDownloads is probably the closest plugin that is available. It does look pretty dated, but the templates could probably be modified to make it look more modern. Smile
Yea, but modifying the template i have no idea how to do that to make it look anything like the extend page on MyBB

Also i am not sure why MyBB has not released the Extend plugin they have , like Vbulletin , IP , Xenforo all have there in that package i know its for a price , but even MyBB could release for a price if they wanted.
It's more part of the website than part of MyBB - it's tightly integrated to this site and wouldn't be a drop-in plugin for other forums. vB/IP/Xenforo have full software suites, but that's not what our Mods site is - theirs is written as consumer software and designed to be released, this is just some custom functionality for our own website.
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