Not Solved Blank Plugins Page after adding /inc/plugins/myalerts.php
Not Solved

Once I add the 'myalerts.php' file to the plugins folder, my entire plugins page vanishes. Please see images below;

[Image: 16842cf9bc169f60362775c6b9b929f1.png]

MyBB:  1.8.24
PHP: 7.1.33


Its clashing with one of my Plugins, because it installs clean on a fresh install of MyBB, but I can't figure out which Plugin its clashing with. I'm leery of deactivating several of them, as I've done a lot of modifying the templates and they'll mess everything up when deactivated.

The ones crossed out with red are ones I deactivated and the pluggin still didn't work: Endless, Xthreads and Php in templates are all heavily modified through the templates and I'm scared to turn them off to see if it's any of them. The other plugins didn't seem like they'd be the type to cause the issue and I just don't know.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

[Image: 8e72439f50e82e59f9986a172effc4c9.png]
[Image: 040afb850b3ad707babe5ba0c4c714e3.png]
[Image: 6ad3887e7efca72f6f4e31d061e4fe3b.png]
[Image: HaLp2lk.png]

[Image: LQwJ7VV.png]

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