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RPG Suite

I'm an avid fan of text-based roleplay, and have been part of several RP forums for over a decade. I'm a hobbyist programmer and have always thought about building a suite of add-ons/extensions that would be ideal for an RPG forum. Features like:

- Character Sheet
- Levels
- Inventory/Equipment
- Market
- Abilities
- Roll-based Combat/Interactions
- Map

Before I began working on this, I just wanted to know if there are others like me who would be interested in seeing this happen.

You may wish to consider using Mint as a base to your plugin, which already adds a currency and item/trading system to MyBB. There's also the Mint Shop extension which provides store-like functionality and serves as a good example plugin for creating your own Mint modules.
Thank you! I'll definitely take a look, and try to build upon what's already done. Smile
I have been interesting in this for years now. For one reason or another I have never got to a working piece of code.

I once coded a private Character/Levels plugin but can't remember (if and) where I stored a copy to check it out.

I do wish you good luck with it and if you ever get some code out I will sure be watching.

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