Not Solved [General] Theme not stretching on mobile / When zoomed out
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So, I recently installed a fresh install of MyBB through Softaculous. I installed a theme, and it seemed to be working perfect fine. But I replaced the header, and altered the code a bit.

Now, when viewed on mobile, it looks like the full webpage, but it doesn't fit the full screen. It is smaller, and then lots of whitespace.

This also happens when viewing on desktop view, but zooming out. (I included a screenshot of what it looks like on mobile view, and on desktop view at 25% zoom).

I am not entirely sure what CSS/Template was changed in order to have this happen.

I don't mind it not being responsive. But I don't want the whitespace and such.

Imgur Links:



Thanks to any help in advance!

The website is:
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Looking into it will edit if I find a solution.
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Still having issues with this. Nothing I do seems to help.
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When you edited the header template, you probably removed a <div> closure.
An easy way to fix this is to use the original theme header template and make your edits in the same template without removing the missing <div>.

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