Simple Reputation Bars (for 1.8)
Hello all, 

Someone mentioned this a few days back in the plugin requests board. I had searched for existing plugins, but none existed for 1.8 (and 1.6.x versions had licenses prohibiting porting). As such, I decided to go ahead and write a new one. 

This one is open source (GPL v.3) - so I encourage other developers to expand this and to send PRs on github or to modify it as needed. This is intended as a basic plugin for this very purpose, so I'm totally open to others modifying, porting, adapting, or forking it. Smile

[Image: qsvvK.png]

[Image: j7K3e.png]

Github Download: (dev)

Official Download: (Mod database)

EDIT: (New Advanced Version) - GodLess101 has forked this plugin and made a significantly expanded version. Check out Advanced Reputation Bars (GodLess101 version) for additional features!
Thank you  Cool  Very good permormance... like it... gracias....
Thank you @DiegoPino, much appreciated! Smile

I've released it on the mod database. This is a first version, so if anyone catches any bugs or has any suggestions, please reach out and I will address them! Smile
I have a suggestion, add admin back-end functionality to create levels.

A level would be defined by:
lid int : id primary_key auto_increment
percentage int : % of bar full
bgcolor varchar : hex color code for the userbar background
fontstyle varchar : styling for the font, i.e. "text-align:center;color:#000;" and so forth

Simply, the ability to create different looks based on the completion level of the bar.

Lmk how you feel about this, I'd be open to throwing in the code for the admin module file as well as the code to create the necessary table.
I actually thought about this in great detail after reading your post in the other thread. I ended up writing a version that did exactly this, but it was clunky and did not feel complete. The feature didn't make it into the final version for this reason; This plugin was designed to be a very simple implementation that can be expanded upon later.

I don't personally use reputation bars, so I'm completely relying on user feedback for what people want to see. If you're interested in it, I am too. I can share the code and we can collaborate to release a more full version! Smile

Edit: Sent you a message.

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