Not Solved Vbulletin 4.2.x to myBB /encoding again
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ive a very confusing problem on merging my old Vbulletin 4 to myBB.
Ive tried different things now, with the encoding.
in the Old Database:
it set to utf8
inside it, there are also wierd letters or just "??"

but on the Forum itself its all okay (also the language is set to UTF8)

if i try to import it, i let it as UTF8 into UTF8 (with or without Convert to UTF ticked)
and it dont come out as i want it.
If it would be only Threads i could live with it, its not cool but okay....

but i have those Problem also on the USername Table....
here u see it in the "original" Database:

this should be J├╝rgen.... in the VB4 Forum its all okay.... i dont know why or what that is...
the Encoding is also set to UTF-8:

any Ideas or wierd Theories and maybe solutions ? Smile
If i need to provide anything else, just tell me .....

thank you and best regards

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Could we have a little portion of your database dump? For example the forums part of your vb database dump. You may remove anything that's private from the dump but not the problematic characters and upload it in the private inqueries forum: .
Could be wrong but worth a try.
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the Solution was this:

thank you so much noyle !!
Not Solved

sorry im again.
is there a cap of posts or anything else in this Convert.php ?

i have 200.000 Posts Big Grin
or does it take a loooong time ?

cause, on my *php* firefox tab, its stuck......

and no users, are converted, so i think it has stopped ? or maybe not done correctly ?

is there maybe an option in ssh, to make it more "monitorible" ?
Its a big forum.
22.k Threads
221K Postings
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"Convert.php"? What's this?

If you're using the merge system, you could set a per page/screen number of records to be converted, for each converter modules and the default value is 1000.
Could be wrong but worth a try.
Not Solved
the script, which was provided in the solution, and yes, it was good, but, i dont know if it can handle this amount....

mmh... dang :/

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