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[New Feature] Add meta tags
Add meta tags for forum posts so when you post a link to the post, it will show the first attachment if there is any, and title, well is the title and description, well is the description ( I’m sure you all know how meta tags work )

I would also like to see a share button, preferably large and somewhere on the post, so when you click share, it copies a custom link to the clipboard so if the user changes the post and tries to post the link somewhere else ( like discord ) it will update the embed preview ( basically just add Unix time to the end of the link, ?=12345 so websites are forced to get the new meta tag details and not rely on their cache system, like discord does )
The following plugin was shared to you through Discord:

However, I'd agree that it should be added in-core to some degree, as sharing content on social media sites is a common thing nowadays.
I also need to master this function!

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