Quick Edit modification help
I'm not going to release new features, considering the quick edit is going to be released in MyBB 1.2 (I may though extend the Quick Edit in 1.2 with some of my ideas), but I do want to fix the current two (major at least) bugs.

1) Doesnt work properly in IE
2) Doesnt remove the template modifications properly on deactivation

I've tryed everything I can to get it fixed, but nothing seems to work Sad I'm hoping by posting my troubles here that someone else can help me

You can get the current version here: http://mods.mybboard.com/view.php?did=264
Tikitiki Wrote:1) Doesnt work properly in IE
Yeah I mentioned this point over on the Community forums. Smile
Hey guys, good news. I've fixed the ie bug! Apperently stupid IE thought that <a name="pid16206"> was an id.

Because its really a bug with IE, I can't fix it, but I've created a "work-around" by naming the id something different.

I've also fixed the special characters bug, and I'm working on the deactivation bug. Hopefully it shouldnt take too long to fix

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