Not Solved Variables to put in Advanced Sidebox?
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Using Advanced Sidebox, I'm trying to add the variables to show the last poster's avatar, as well as the thread's reply count to the "Recent Posts" sidebox.

This was not an issue for the "Recent Threads" sidebox.

[Image: y5xUVKQ.png]

I was able to accomplish this by using:

<img src="{$avatarInfo['image']}">    -    For the avatar
{$thread['replies']}    -    For the thread's reply count (on the right)

I just can't figure out how to get these two items to show for the "Recent Posts" sidebox. The variables I used above do not work, and I've also tried others. Specifically, I also have the LIGHTAvatars plugin and tried variables from there for the pic to no avail.

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