Not Solved enhanced account switcher post swap not account?
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Just wondering if i've missed a setting that does this. 

Does the Enhanced Account Switcher (2.1.9) have a setting for switching post author at the newpost or newthread / quickreply areas in that drop down BUT without actually switching the account at the same time? 

I couldn't see a setting to prevent actual switching of account and only of the post itself. This isn't the same as the edit post AFTER it has been posted option. This is the BEFORE clicking post option that seems only to switch the account automatically.
Not Solved

If I'm reading correctly, there is the option to change post author without an immediate refresh of the page. The option you want is the one at the bottom of this screen shot!

[Image: 6fed99d64df9bb4caeba2159c10cec14.png]
[Image: BloodTies.png]

[Image: Pern.png]

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