Helpdocs editing from ACP doesnt work
So i got mybb 1.8.24 with duende template.

At the top there is a button "HELP" wich leads me to help section. 
Section consists of a page with categiries and documents inside those categories. simple.

I go to ACP to Configuration -> Help Documentation. I can make new categories, add documents under those categories but on frontend NOTHING CHANGES... nothing at all. So i open up /inc/languages/*mylanguage*/helpsections.lang.php and helpdocs.lang.php and they are default.. no changes made in them. 

So if i edit these files - i see changes at frontend that i made in filed. BUT only if i change sections and doc given in files. I cannot create new sections and docs in old sections and in new too. They dont apper on front end and in ACP no changes. Lts like ACP is not connected to front end help page and to these files.  I mean am i the only one experiencing this issue? 

Thanks in advance..
You're not alone.  Can see the ACP edits in the database, but mybb's reading them from the php files.  Last time I checked anyway.

Used to edit help custom for our board.  Overwritten every upgrade, so gave it up.

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