[Services Request] Setting up new board(s)
Hello everyone, i look for someone that can install a couple of plugins i know what it want but i have not the time to do it by myself.

- things that i need is [hide] function that people can use (post before you see full post)

- a part where people can upgrade ther membership, payments in coins and paypal

- when people pay for a membership i want them to have the name blinking in collors

- a shoutbox

- category tabs

- like post option

- achievements

i have a example of the page i like and the stuff i want.

 i hope someone can help me, as fast as possible, i make a couple of new boards if we are both happy afther this job we can do more bussiness.

Greatings Ilona.
You should also put pricing and payment methods to attract more individuals who can do the work for you. Smile

Trust you’re keeping good.
Surely, we can assist you on your requirements.

Please Reach me on my Email- [email protected], Skype - cis.seth


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